Friday, November 28, 2008

November 28th


I signed up for an account at a site where people can purchase prints of my photos. The link is over there --->

Since it's free, I guess it's worth a try. Not that I'm expecting to get rich or anything, but it would be exciting to actually sell a photograph.
Edited to add: I discovered a little secret about the art sale site. If you start to purchase something it will automatically take you to the "Custom Framing" option, where the smallest print will cost $90+. Stupid! (Especially since I don't make money off of their outrageous frame prices, just the prints.) If you click on "Change Product Type" you can buy a print, and take it to someplace cheaper (in other words, reasonable) to have it matted and framed. There is also an option to purchase note cards.


Since the two worst offenders are no longer there I haven't been picking on the news team much lately, but I have saved a few gems.

Random wrongs:

“This is how it looked like.”
“the no alcohol ban.” If “no alcohol” is banned, does that mean everyone must drink at the beach?
“...a very public safety issue.” (From an anchor person.)
“Behind me you can see some sirens.” (Michael Chin, the dramatic reader.)
“Both men lived together.”

And, from anchor-person KH:

“The man behind the wheel of a deadly bus crash...”
“A man with a bullet still launched in his face....”
“Puppy mills is a flourishing business...”
(All of course delivered with perfect diction. Bad grammar, but perfect diction.)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 12th

I suck as a blogger lately. Okay, here's what's been happening.

I had a foster dog.

He got adopted. (By a really nice woman who RAW FEEDS! I wish all my fosters would be so lucky.)
I'm picking up a new foster dog tomorrow, but before he comes home I'm meeting someone who wants to adopt him, so he may be gone before he gets here.

There were actually two jobs advertised in my field this week. I applied for both, but haven't heard anything. I imagine that mine was just one of 10,000 applications.

I'm going to have another glass of wine now.