Saturday, October 3, 2009

October 3rd


At least partly anyway. First, do not ever, ever, ever try to get a rational response by calling them on the phone. Their phone people seem to have all passed a Bad Customer Service Test: Are you below average in intelligence? Do you have a bad attitude? Are you incapable of listening? Yes? You're hired! Add to that their completely horrible phone tree which will put YOU in a bad mood by the time you're finally able to reach one of the people who passed the Bad Customer Service Test, and the result will not be pretty. Second, write a blog post about why you are aggravated with Cox Communications. Third, send an email to them with a link to the blog post. It will take you a few emails to get someone to actually READ what you wrote and to grasp that this is on a very public blog and to actually use their brain to figure out what they should do, but email is much less frustrating than calling them. You will eventually get a response from the one rational human on their payroll.

I'm still not entirely pleased with CC, because that one human implied that they are doing me a HUGE favor by not charging me their "usual" $75 fee to come out and fix their screw up (how absolutely magnanimous of you!), but at least they're going to come and get their stupid box that they assured me they wouldn't send in the first place.

I may still call AT&T though.