Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 28th


You know, the turning points, the major moments and accomplishments people celebrate.

I am happy to report that in April of 2006 I bought this computer and began playing Free Cell games in order, beginning with #1. Today I won game #10,000.

I knew you'd be impressed.


It's my sister Janet's birthday today. Have a good one!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 25th


Clay Aiken is gay? Who woulda thunk it?


Thursday night is once again something to look forward to. Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy are back. When Lost starts again I'll be even happier.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

September 14th


This week to be found at Costco. I bought two large plastic storage containers, and I put them on the belt first because I wanted them to put the rest of my stuff in them. The cashier was so busy yakking that she didn't notice that they had bumped into her register and broke off a piece of plastic. When she finally stopped talking and looked at what was going on she snapped at me "Next time leave the big stuff in the cart!"

Uh, you want to yell at ME because you weren't paying attention and doing your job? Okay, fine. Cranky bitch.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

RIP Sweet Dino

Dino with his friend Aria

I wrote about Dino back in March when the rescue first discovered that he had lymphoma. It went into remission, and he was a healthy happy dog until last Friday when he had some swelling in his leg. Apparently he developed some sort of auto-immune disease (which the medicine pushers will never admit was most likely caused by the use of prednisone!) and had blood clots in his spleen. Last night he was wagging his tail and eating like a horse, and then laid down and quietly passed away.

He was a sweet, sweet boy and he had lots of friends who have cried many tears today. He never got adopted, but he spent the last months of his life in a loving foster home, and didn't die alone in a shelter.

Monday, September 8, 2008

September 8th


This probably won't seem like a remarkable event, since I live in San Diego and the rest of the world thinks that we spend all of our time lounging on the sand and surfing. But, I'm not all that fond of the beach. Damn sand gets into everything. There are THINGS out in the water-like jelly fish and sting rays and slimy seaweed. And now you can't even have a beer. Boring, uncomfortable, and for the most part, why bother? But, I've been playing photographic scavenger hunt, and the hunt for that day was "water", so I figured that the beach was as good a place to find it as any.

You can see my hunt results so far here: Photographic Scavenger Hunt


Not only is it time to leave the beach and return to the desert, our moron TV weather man is following you. Now it's your turn to listen to him talk about the weather like an over-emoting actor, never have a Thursday again (it will be "the eve of FRIDAY!!!" from now on) and have to hear him misuse the word forecast daily.

Unfortunately, the defection of the moron to Phoenix might drive more Zonies here next summer so that they can listen to a normal human deliver the weather forecast.

Monday, September 1, 2008

September 1st


A friend and I were having a bit of a chat about some mutual acquaintances (okay, we were being really catty about some people we know) and she came up with a great observation about one of them: She's not at all smart, but she's too stupid to even know it. I love this! I see it all the time-complete morons who don't even know how ignorant they are. If they had a clue they wouldn't spout ridiculous statements, or send out emails to big volunteer or business groups with grammar and spelling errors that someone at a sixth-grade reading/writing level wouldn't make.

Or, in business. This is from a real ad that showed up here: "Effective Way to Keep Squirrels Off Bird Feaders." I don't think I'll be buying a bird feeder from someone who doesn't know how to correctly spell the name of their own product! The problem is, whoever wrote that probably has no clue that they're stupid and should ask someone to proof-read their ads.


Since I bought 40 lbs. of the stuff I've been feeding it a couple of times a week. Kiara loves it, she'll eat anything. Chance will eat it, but only after sitting outside and barking for an hour or two. Bentley will eat about a pound and then give up. Poor Tilly won't eat even a bite, no how, no way. She went without eating for three days before I finally let Kiara eat her emu and fed her pork instead. (Tilly has a few extra pounds to spare, so please don't threaten to report me for animal cruelty. It's perfectly natural for a canine to skip eating for a day or two.) I guess I'll just feed the emu to the other dogs and give Tilly chicken or pork on emu nights.