Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February 27th


I haven't seen any of the movies yet, so this is about the show. I don't do movie theaters; I don't like hanging out with a bunch of strangers in dark rooms. Not really, but I've just never been fond of theaters. I much prefer to watch movies in my living room.

  • Jon Stewart is really funny.
  • Javier Bardem is very good looking when relieved of the bad hair. Although, I think that they borrowed a wig from Gene Simmons.
  • The Coen brothers are just fucking awesome.
  • Cameron Diaz needs a good stylist. That poof on the back of her dress looked like a tote-along poop bag.


This falls squarely into my I Don't Get It category. I randomly stumbled on one of those completely annoying family blogs; the Perfect Family with the Perfect Toddler Doing Oh-So-Perfect Things, and Look At Our Pictures of Our Perfect Selves type. This particular Perfect Family had a little boy about 18 months old, and almost every post was about a CLASS that the little angel was going to. WTF? Classes? For an 18 month old? Gymnastics class, music class, enrichment class, etc. I guess I missed it. That moment in time when children's imaginations and natural curiosity went away and had to be replaced with structured learning before the age of two. Now, if anyone bothered to send their children to classes to learn the proper use of English I might get it, since so many young adults these days seem to have completely missed those lessons in school and are probably raising children to say things like “Seventeen building permits has been issued...” (As uttered by Kimberly Hunt on Channel 10 news.)


The usual suspects posting on the UT forums:

“Food is good here but to bland. I find it hard to find anything exceptional. SF had China town. East coast has good everything. We are so middle of the road. If anyone knows a really really good Chinese place that let me know.” That what?

Stingaree is also losing business because of the Ivy Hotel and the new Hard Rock Hotel have gave people other (and better) options. Like the person above said, the restaurant with value and reputation will all survive. They have before. And we all know whcih restaurants those are. Relsucks obviously doesn't know which one those are.

I don't know how most of these owners that don't sell any alcohol make any money? Food costs are soaring wages and workers comp is outragous I can not see how on a small margin they can keep the doors open. I love the Cohen group in San Diego, clean and moderate price. Most major chains bring the food prepared in each day and sell as made in back! Wrong! All soups and ribs are made else where. Support the local chains first they keep us well fed let's feed them back by support. Eat out less and eat better when eating out! Who stole all the commas? Please join me in mourning the death of the adverb.

its shameful to see you people change this story into something else. you want to hate america and what it stands for, then by all means do it in the right forum. if the article actually talked about political issues than i can see you going on your rampage. I have a feeling that they are making keyboards that are completely missing a shift key.

“dandre77, this is a story about meant (It was about meat.)- not politics. Please keep your ill-thought, rediculous "Lineral vs conservative" and "Nazi" propogranda to yourself. Day after day you have to poison these blogs with your rants regurgitating directly from Rush Limbaugh in any story you can find
You come across as a lonely, bitter, ignorant individual” And YOU come across as an uneducated moron. Which is worse? And, it's a FORUM, not a blog.

“Maybe you three can have some alternate "anti-Hollywood" gala at one of your trailors?
Perhaps it could be a black-overalls even with only the finest domestic beer and some cheese-doodles or pork-rinds to round out the gala?
Maybe one of you can pretend to be MCing the Oscars and you can do anti-liberal jokes while you honor Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'relliy whole smashing beer cans on your head?” Well, they may be trailer trash, but I'd bet that they can at least SPELL it right.

However, the real change - the kind (apparently someone stole the "of" and put it with all the commas) change that might actually do something to prevent or slow global warming along with the many other major environmental crisis's we currently face can only come from the politicians and big business who control the major policy changes that would allow for such things as increased funding for solar power and decreased fossil fueled energy sources, alternative fuels or significantly reduced carbon emissions from cars, laws such a banning plastic bag use and other wasteful plastic packaging - the list goes on and on. And so do your sentences!

Monday, February 25, 2008

February 25th


I've been trying for days to apply for a job with the county using their online system. I may not be a computer geek, but I am a pretty sophisticated user, and their &^%$! site doesn't work. I tried both computers. I tried IE and Firefox. I used the control button when clicking on links. Nothing worked-I kept getting a blank page instead of the application. So, I got into my car and drove down there.

Figures. Today was the day that they were having a hearing about a proposed big power line running through the desert. Here's the type of vehicle that was hogging all the public parking:

I finally found a parking spot and made it into the building and got my job application the old fashioned way-a piece of paper. Now I have to fill it out and take it back down there. Hopefully the non re-entry radical types will have somewhere else to be that day.

I haven't been inside the county building for decades. I was very happy to see that they hadn't ruined the inside. Wood trim and floors, original light fixtures, the old fashioned doors with glass and transom windows-all intact. I didn't take any pictures inside, I don't like to make the security personnel in government buildings nervous, but I did get a few of the outside.

The building was a WPA project, built between 1936 and 1938.

Some history about the building.

Friday, February 22, 2008

February 22nd


I've mentioned before that pasta made from rice flour tastes like wallpaper paste, so I refuse to use it for lasagna. I had a brainstorm though. (I'm sure I'm not the first person who has thought of this, but that's okay.) I used eggplant instead of noodles. I peeled two eggplants, sliced them 1/4" thick, and cooked them in a frying pan with a little EVOO just until they were slightly soft. Then used the eggplant slices instead of lasagna noodles. It was really good, and I'll make it again. I'm not going to bore you with the entire recipe, everyone has their own favorite way to make lasagna. I will say that I borrowed an ingredient from the best lasagna I've ever eaten that a friend made-red wine in the sauce.


People constantly express amazement at the really nice German Shepherds that we find in shelters-many of whom are in danger of being killed. I am amazed myself. Why do so many people think of dogs as disposable items? Look at this really pretty girl that we sprung this week:

A few weeks ago we pulled a pregnant mom-and now we have puppies:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February 19th

Silly Flowers-They Think It's Spring!


Well, not water itself. The things that bring water, hold water, keep water out of the house and take water away are not my friends. First my sewer pipe broke, and I had to have the yard dug up and a new pipe at a cost of $4200. Then I had a slab leak. That was covered by insurance, but it turns out that for what I've had to pay in increased insurance premiums I could have just paid for the repair myself and still been ahead. When I had some rude, moron plumbers replace the frozen main shut off valve so I could turn off my water if needed they ruined my pressure regulator, so a bunch of stuff in the house sprung leaks. I couldn't get their plumbing company (American Leak Detectors) to admit responsibility, so I paid to have the regulator replaced, and the leaks fixed. Unfortunately that plumber wasn't able to fix my kitchen sink problem. I have one of those foo-foo spray thingies, and mice chewed through the hose. So, every time I turn on the water it leaks under the sink. He couldn't even cap off the stupid thing, so I'm living with that. Meaning-I try not to run water in the kitchen sink, I fill things up with water from the bathroom. Cleaning the sink and counters is problematic, and requires logistical planning. Now my toilet is leaking. Badly. It won't be easy to fix either. The Previous Owners installed a shelf/cabinet thing over the toilet. It has a shelf that's so close to the top of the tank only Flat Stanley would be able to get a hand in there to make any repairs. They obviously installed the shelf before the toilet, because they bolted it to the wall which prevents it from being moved without demolishing it, so the only way to fix the toilet is to pull it out from under the shelf. Since removing the toilet scares me-visions of having to poop in a bucket when I can't get it put back by myself-I have turned off the water source and am flushing the toilet using water from a pail. My roof leaks and has damaged the ceiling in the bedroom. And now, it appears that the hot water heater is leaking. Apparently I have greatly displeased the plumbing gods. What would be an appropriate sacrifice to appease them?


It's hard to read, but the third line says "Remove caused touching stains by alchohol." I think that the box designer maybe got into the alchohol.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

February 17th


This little girl has so much personality, I really like taking pictures of her. I'm glad that she belongs to someone else though-I can give her back when I'm done.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

February 16th


The forecast for Thursday was for Santa Ana conditions-which means "windy and dry". Really? Then, what the hell is this?


From the UT:

"Ten percent of the children at the San Diego Cooperative Charter School were not vaccinated. That's the highest percentage rate of unvaccinated students in the San Diego Unified School District, said district nurse Eileen Griffiths. whose parents decline vaccination have been barred from returning to their schools or programs until Feb. 26, when health officials believe their risk of becoming infected or infecting others would have passed." Proofreaders on strike?

UT Forum Posters:

"Bottom line is can you live with yourself if your child died do to lack of immunizing? Or someone elses child because you decided against it. People should be held liable for this. Should be against the law. Children die from these diseases and it is 100% stupid not to vaccinate. Find if that's your opinion but let me know because I don't want my kid next your unimmunized child with the "cold" oh I mean measles. This is why there are immunizations to eradicate disease. Thanks to all the people making deadly diseases a comeback so your child won't get autism that is still unfounded"

"so you decide not to vaccinate you child. And the child gets the measles, has a bad outcome. Or maybe you decide (as more and more parents are doing) that you don't give your child a polio vaccine. Or your kid becomes sick and infects other kids who then suffer through a week or two of misery, parents have to take off from work, etc. Do you expect others to just pick up the tab?" I don't usually include people's user names on the “moron forum poster” section, but when one is this idiotic I can't resist.

“If any one actualy dies from this "outbreak" I would love to see the parrents that did not get there child immunised go on trial for manslaughter. This would put the "real" fear of GOD in to all the other parrents that havent done this.”

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


"No, I wasn't in the trash. Why do you ask?"

Monday, February 11, 2008

February 11th


Or light a candle, or do a dance, or whatever it is you do to project good wishes out to the cosmos. I have a job interview tomorrow. Doing what I do! I'm not counting on it-I'm sure that they've received a ton of resumes, but getting to the interview part is always good.


Channel 10:
Kimberly Hunt: “John McCain has sweeped the state of California.” KH may just be my new most prolific blog contributor.
Morning Anchor: “The meeting will be held at the Del Mar Fail Grounds.”

UT Forum Morons:
"Is her husband is a Muslim Pig Farmer."

"i have a qustion, for every day a child is not in school the state doesn't pay the school there daily alotment of school funs. So my question is do thease parents expect the state to put out extra funds so there children can keep up with there class mates?,"

"you missed the point , my spelling and gramer has nothine to do with it... what concerns me , why should the tax payer be expected to pick up the tab , so to speak for children just because there parents don't agree with the system."

“Rumers has it Mother has CANCER !!! the last 10 years which is being coverup ?? maybe because doctors in texas told her NO KIDS!!!
Well I hope the real story will be told an maybe the CHURCH pastor will confess to helping family hide facts about story an give back all the MONEY$$$ giving by church members who was mislead by info.
God plan when adults disobey !!!”

Other random idiots:

Email with the subject line: Cheap Loan Offer: "I am Dr.Tom Kelvin,a financial manager, i grant debt consolidation loans,business loans,private loans,home refinancing loans and so much more at a low interest rate.My loan process are colateral free and repayment can be made either monthly or yearly.To obtain a loan from me,you can contact me via Email" Which is not the email address that this was sent from, but that isn't surprising, is it? And, doesn't the title of “Dr.” require a college education of some sort?

XXXXXXX, a native San Diegan, passed away on February 1, 2008. XXXX was born to XXXXXXXX in Norfolk, Virginia. Another moron who doesn't understand the meaning of the word “native”. This guy was a NATIVE of Norfolk, Virginia.

Off to watch Westminster, and to root for the GSD to win the Herding Group.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Wonder if I Would Like It

Jobing that is. And, would I enjoy the jobing community? I guess that's a bunch of people who get together to jobe. I wonder if it's difficult to jobe, or if it's nasty. Or illegal.

Monday, February 4, 2008

February 4th


During the past two days my phone has rung a gazillion times-recorded messages telling me how to vote. And, it will probably go on until the polls close tomorrow. I voted already you morons! And besides, I'm not likely to take the advice of someone who is annoying the hell out of me on how to vote. Next election I may wait, and not vote for anyone who calls me with one of those messages.


Channel 10:

From one of the “A Team” anchors: “ matter which team you were voting for...” Was she confusing the Super Bowl with Super Tuesday?

The moron “Managing Editor” is still mangling the language in his blog: “You'll find Reporter Lauren Reynolds' story that breaks on 10News Sunday night at 11 interesting account of how a rental car lot isusing outdated, broken car seats and rents them out to customers. Not a good thing. It’s a story we got tipped to by a visitor to San Diego.” What makes this really annoying is that it's written and posted. Doesn't this guy know how to use spell check? And can't he hire an assistant with some grasp of English to proof read for him?

The UT online forums:

"what chargerbug? (by the way, your team sucks) your another moron." Pot, kettle, black.

"cool. the 600 or 800 bucks the govt cuts back to me isn't going into the united states currency circulation. In fact i'm taking all that gov't money and spending it everywhere under the sun in MEXICO......They deserve this money for than we do. A big middle finger to George Bush and all his constituents....thats the least I can do"

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stupor Bowl


Really. If that arrogant, selfish, disrespectful ass wipe Eli Manning has a SB ring and Junior Seau doesn't, there is no way that there is a benevolent deity.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Groundhog Day


FlufferNutter's appointment with potential families last weekend wasn't successful. He met two families, and both of them said that they were interested and would maybe get him this week.

The first couple-while very nice people and will definitely be a good spot for a dog-just didn't feel to me that they would be right for Fluffer. The wife was completely opposed to getting a crate because she didn't want a crate in her house. At the stage of development my little FlufferNutter is in, I just know that whoever adopts him will not be happy unless they crate him when he's unsupervised.

The second family was the one I wanted him to go home with. Crate? Sure! He gets car sick. No problem! They already have a female who doesn't get along with most dogs, but she got along with Fluffer. He's like the kid in school who gets along with everyone because he knows how they want to be treated. (I think I should take lessons from him .) They couldn't decide last weekend, but said they would come to the event today.

So, I took FN to the adoption event. We have to be "first come, first served" with the dogs. Unless you've signed the contract and said that you're getting a dog we can't hold them. So, first a couple with a young female looked at him, but decided on another coated male instead. Then he met an older couple. I really liked them, and they loved FN. The wife reminded me of Katherine Hepburn-really lovely people. But, while they were getting to know him my favorite family showed up. They saw that someone else was interested, and stood over to the side. Finally the wife of the couple said that while FN was a wonderful dog she was concerned about his size and the fact that he chews stuff up. I said "Good! There's a little boy over there who's crying because he's afraid you're going to take the dog he has fallen in love with." I marched FN over to his new family, and introduced the couple to Simone-a smaller, older wonderful dog. and, everyone went home happy. Including me. Tomorrow I will put my pond back together, clean up all the chewed up stuff, order a new power cord for the phone, put my bottled water and toilet paper back where they belong, and wash the dog puke out of the blanket in my car.