Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's National Dog Day!

We had an adoption event.  Funny, for a German Shepherd rescue, the dog that got the most attention was Eddie, the last of our mixed breed litter.  Here he is with his human foster brother.  As a side note, the little boy was quite upset at having to leave Eddie behind today.  He's going to the vet to get his dangly parts removed.  He'll be back with his foster family on Wednesday.

I spotted puppy Jake being cute on the lawn, so I tried to get a photo.  Jake decided that my camera required a closer inspection.

The good news, he didn't get close enough to add the usual "dog nose print" smudge to the lens.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why I Love Facebook

I avoided FB for years, convinced it was just a My Space copy cat, and only young people were on it.  When I found out a lot of friends my age and even older had FB accounts (including two of my aunts) I signed up.  I enjoy the quick interaction with friends old and new.

I've found old friends, old friends have found me.  Most have been happy reunions, although one classmate from high school was deleted because he only posted political stuff and every post involved name calling of the people in the other party.  I'm not into hateful politics.

In two days I will be meeting a former co-worker for lunch.  We worked together at a savings and loan in Beverly Hills in the late 70's.  I quit the job, lost touch with people there, he moved to Florida.  He found me on Facebook. 

The guy in this photo (from 19 mumble mumble) found me there too.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Of the power kind.  Power went out at my house, so I figured I'd go do my grocery shopping.  It came back on just as I was going out the door.

I got to the store.  It was closed, no power.  It looked like everything else on the street had power, just not the store I wanted to go to.

Today, electricity was not my friend.

Side note-when the power goes out so does the wi-fi.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Jeepers, Creepers!

Here's an interesting article about Facebook "Creepers".  In case you don't feel like reading it, it says that a large majority of jilted lovers stalk their exes on Facebook.  Sometimes they've been "unfriended" (which is only a word in FB-land) so they use another person's account to keep tabs on the stalkee (which is also not a real word, but it should be).

I will admit to using Google on occasion when I had thoughts of old boyfriends or friends and briefly wondered what happened to them.  Sometimes it's not a good idea, for instance Google tells me that a long ago co-worker drowned while doing her first ocean dive.  I don't however secretly read Facebook updates or blogs or fish for information from other people to keep track of people who are no longer in my life.  I'm not conceited enough to imagine that anyone would do that to me either.  I can't imagine that I'm important enough for someone to obsess over what I'm doing to cyber-stalk me, but if they did I would find it really creepy.

It did come to my attention that things I said on Facebook were repeated to someone, but since I never said anything that I wouldn't have said to her face I'm disappointed that the "friend" would tattle on me, but in the end no real harm was done.  I am now more careful about what I post online.  Some of what goes on in my life shouldn't be fodder for gossipers.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Liars in the News

The director of a "no kill" animal shelter had apparently told people that if they gave a donation they could assure that a particular dog wouldn't be killed.  She took the donations, transferred animals to the kill shelter next door (that she also ran) and sent emails to the donors saying that the dead dogs had been adopted.  She was fired, and is facing criminal charges.  Story is here:  Bogg's Mountain Fraud

Another case involved a dog that was the mascot of a college.  A worker left the dog outside too long in the heat, the dog died, the worker lied and said the dog got out and was missing.  This liar was also fired.

I just don't understand people who think that lying is a good idea, you have to be really, really smart to get away with it.  I might have thought ill of someone who did something wrong, but when the lie is uncovered (and it always is) I think even less of them.