Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lies, lies, more lies!

There' are a few lies that were told about me that are just amusing. Like the one where a former friend claimed that she asked me to quit calling her. I guess she hadn't noticed that the only contact I had initiated with her for years was to remind her that it was time to pay her cell phone bill. She never asked me to stop calling her, but even if she had it wasn't needed. I had no desire to hold a phone up to my ear and listen to her trash talk endlessly about everyone she knew. I also had no delusions that she wasn't trash talking about me too, but that was confirmed when some things she said got back to me, because the person she gossiped with sent some private messages to a real friend spouting the nonsense. Of course the real friend forwarded the messages to me so that I could see what was going on. There was also the big fat lies she told on some forum posts.

Here's a pro clue; if you're going to talk about someone online don't do it in a place you've told your target that you hang out and also revealed your user name.