Saturday, December 22, 2012

One Down...

I think I got rid of the creepy ex-boyfriend.  While it was the 40+ year old sexual obsession that really bothered me, I got him to go away by calling him out on being a liar.

He told me that he couldn't be friends on Facebook because he had promised his wife not to contact old girlfriends.  I told him that if he was doing something that he had to cover up, or that he would have lied about if confronted, then he shouldn't be doing it.  (The exception would be planning a surprise party.)  I also said that I have no room in my life for liars.

So, he's gone. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Obsession is Creepy!

I don't think that I am a particularly remarkable person.  I'm above average in intelligence, above average in height, but probably not overly endowed with skills involving interacting with people.  Which is why I'm finding it somewhat disturbing that more than one person from high school seems to be still obsessed with me. 

The ex-boyfriend, despite being married to someone else for 35+ years with children and grand-children tells me about fantasies of us being half-naked and indulging in "rampant sexual activity" on a tropical island with coconuts.  Dude, I dumped you.  While I would love to be friends with you now, islands and coconuts aren't going to happen.

More disturbing is a woman.  She was not ever a good friend.  Back in high school she only invited me along to things if she needed a car and driver, otherwise I heard about fun things she did with other people.  I found some very distorted stuff she wrote about me on an internet forum.  She calls me her "best friend", even though I haven't reached out to her to do things that friends do for years.  An ex-boyfriend with sexual fantasies I can somewhat understand, but a woman who treated me like shit in high school still obsessing over me?  That's scary.